• Oral cancer screening and Medical History review
  • Thorough dental and periodontal examinations, with digital x-rays as needed
  • Cleanings, and non-surgical Periodontal treatment for gingivitis and gum disease


  • Tooth-colored composite (resin) fillings
  • Bonding technology
  • Crowns (caps) and porcelain veneers
  • Implant Restorations
  • Bridges and Partial Dentures

Oral Care Products
Use this link to connect to our personalized Smile Store to order Probiotic mints, xylitol mints, toothpaste and over the counter whitening trays. We also carry some of these products in our office.


  • Teeth Whitening Home Treatment Kits
  • Night Guards for Bruxism treatment
  • Fluoride Treatments for reduction of tooth decay

*Note: For any services that would be better provided by a Dental Specialist, we work with several highly trained Santa Barbara area specialists, and coordinate with those offices, overseeing your treatment from start to finish.